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Making the future of vertical farming




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Vertical Farming

The world population will reach 9,000,000,000 people by 2050 and with current projections we need to double the amount of crops grown. This cannot happen in our current food production system without ruining soil, polluting waters, and wasting resources. Vertical farming is critical in solving this challenge by growing plants in multiple layers in a controlled environment allowing for zero pesticides, 95% less water and year-round, local production.


By automating the core processes in vertical farming with a modular autonomous mobile robot — Seasony reduces labor cost and increase yields by increased monitoring.

Watney saves cost on logistics operations in all major processes throughout the vertical farm.

Watney is fully autonomous.

Tasks and routines are controlled through our simple, well-designed web app Seasony OS. It allows for a seamless operational experience when setting up automation or browsing though data.

Seasony OS

Together with Watney™ our UI makes for a seamless operational experience when setting up automation or browsing though data. Control everything through a simple, well-designed web app.

Seasony OS

Data Collection and AI

When Watney is not busy keeping the operations running, the robot can collect data from every level of growth, locally throughout the farms. Environmental and image data can be collected at every part of the plants’ lifetime.

Seasony provides a


that can accommodate every type of job in a vertical farm, through our ecosystem of technology partners. As Watney™ provides a platform for further automation we have created an open ecosystem for module development, that provides a one-size fits all solution for vertical farms.