Meet the team

“We encourage curiosity and creativity and see these as the first steps towards better solutions and a brighter future.”
— Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO

Christopher Weis Thomasen

CEO, Co-founder

Servet Coskun

CTO, Co-founder

Erkan Tosti Taskiran

COO, CO-founder

Mamoun Gharbi

Robot Developer

Vaidaras Pranskaitis

Software developer

Carlos Corchado Miralles

Robot Developer

Daniel Niklas Conradt

Mechanical engineer

Daniela Rodriguez Pinto

Robotics intern

Ioannis Kostaras

Mechanical engineer intern

Alba Garriga Sanz

Business & Marketing intern

Nick A. Nielsen

Mechatronics intern

Nitzan Moise

UX/UI Intern

Want to join the team?

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We are always interested in hearing from talented people.