Seasony and ENKITEK Collaborate to Offer Comprehensive Automation for Vertical Farming


June 2023

ENKITEK’s complete range of solutions for farm management allows farmers to further automate their processes, making use of ENKITEK’s proprietary Farm Management System, IoT device integration, and Robotics.

ENKITEK’s robotic management and Computer Vision system for crop recognition and harvesting, along with Seasony’s mobile robot for plant movement, will offer a turn-key solution for indoor farmers, providing them with the best of both technologies. The partnership aims to bring comprehensive automation to vertical farming and help farmers grow their businesses with ease.

“We are thrilled to partner with ENKITEK to offer a comprehensive solution for indoor farming that will bring increased automation to plant care, harvest, and pollination,” said Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony.

Víctor Ferrer, ENKITEK’s CEO, has expressed positivism, stating that “this collaboration with Seasony is the perfect combination of hardware and software solutions conceived both from its inception for vertical farming. The first of many to come!”

ENKITEK and Seasony are committed to the success of this partnership and the future of indoor farming.

About Seasony:

Seasony is a Danish mobile robotics company specializing in automation solutions for indoor farming. Its mission is to make indoor farming more profitable, scalable, and sustainable. With its mobile robot Watney, Seasony empowers farmers with automated logistics and data-driven insights to optimize efficiency and increase crop yields.



ENKITEK specializes in providing innovative solutions in the field of vertical farming. With a focus on sustainable and efficient farming practices, ENKITEK offers a range of products and services that enable farmers to optimize their crop yields while minimizing their environmental impact. Their expertise in precision agriculture, data analysis, and machine learning helps farmers make more informed decisions and achieve greater profitability. ENKITEK also offers a robotic management and automation device that uses Artificial Intelligence to complete various tasks such as seeding, harvesting, and packaging.


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