Seasony Partners with Gardin to Advance Vertical Farming Technology


April 2023

Seasony, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots for vertical farming, is excited to announce its partnership with Gardin Agritech, a plant analytics company that offers phenotyping solutions for vertical farms and greenhouses.

Gardin’s phenotyping solutions offer real-time insights into plant physiology using high-tech optical sensors. The platform’s ability to provide performance alerts and growth insights days before other technologies is groundbreaking.

The partnership between Seasony and Gardin combines Seasony’s advanced automation technology with Gardin’s cutting-edge plant analytics platform, enabling farms to have a fully mobile plant analytics solution. The integration of Gardin’s platform with Seasony’s autonomous mobile robots will allow growers to adjust the environment to the precise needs of the plants throughout the growth cycle, increasing yield, reducing crop variability, and lowering costs.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gardin to advance the technology and sustainability of vertical farming,” said Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony. ” With this addition to our growing ecosystem of technology partners, we offer our customers even more options to build profitable and scalable farms”.

The partnership between Seasony and Gardin is expected to result in significant benefits for growers, including increased yield, reduced crop variability, and lower costs.  

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