Seasony Partners with iFarm to merge Cutting Edge Mobile Robotics and Indoor Farming Technology


May 2023

Seasony is proud to announce a technology partnership with iFarm a leading global vertical farm systems provider.

The partnership will allow iFarm customers to embed the Watney mobile robot platform into farm installation to automate transportation and monitoring tasks. Customers can now leverage Seasony’s cutting-edge mobile robotics technology with iFarm’s advanced vertical farming systems to optimize the growing process, reduce labor costs, and increase yields. By combining the expertise of Seasony and iFarm, the companies aim to make indoor farming more efficient, accessible, and scalable.

“We are excited to partner with iFarm and bring together our innovative robotics technology with their advanced vertical farming systems. This partnership will provide farmers with a sustainable and efficient solution for indoor farming, which will help to revolutionize the agriculture industry,” said Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony.

Timo Koljonen, VP of Sales at iFarm, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Seasony and embed leading robotics technology into our vertical farming offering. The combination of our strengths will lead to a more sustainable and efficient future for indoor farming. We are looking forward to this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the industry.”

About Seasony:

Seasony is a Danish mobile robotics company specializing in automation solutions for indoor farming. Its mission is to make indoor farming more profitable, scalable, and sustainable. With its mobile robot Watney, Seasony empowers farmers with automated logistics and data-driven insights to optimize efficiency and increase crop yields.


About iFarm:

iFarm is a iFarm is a technology company enabling IT-driven farming in controlled environments. They work with indoor farm projects ranging from 500 to 50,000 m², providing turnkey solutions to grow leafy greens, strawberries and veggies using farm management software.