Whitepaper: How Mobile Robots outperform conventional automation in vertical farms


November 2023

New whitepaper: 6 reasons why mobile robotics is a superior automation technology for vertical farms

For any large vertical farm, automation is required for operational efficiency – but how much and how?

After years of overambitious projects and subsequent challenges in the industry, vertical farming is now looking at a new wave of smarter operations and more sophisticated and targeted automation.

At Seasony we believe recent years have shown that over-automated CAPEX intensive farms are not the way forward. Instead of elevator systems, conveyer belts and rails, we believe there is a more flexible and modular approach to automation for many. A solution that allow growers the benefits of automation without the up-front capital and technology lock-in of conventional automation solutions.

In this whitepaper we share our point of view on why mobile robotics outperform conventional automation on a number of areas – and how Seasony is part of the next wave of vertical farm automation.

Download the whitepaper below, or write us directly at info@seasony.dk if you would like to know more.

Download whitepaper: